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Recently this blog has picked up a lot of coverage from mainstream media, and because of that, many of our “how-to” guides have been exposed to the general public. In order to preserve the effectiveness of our techniques, we must ask you NOT to share this page with anyone else. Thank you for understanding.

The Fastest Way To Get A Girl To Love You – Using Mind Hack Techniques

PUA Database girlFirst of all, I’m gonna confess this – I am a diehard disciple of Derek Rake. If you have read most of my content here at PUADatabase.com you’ll immediately see Derek’s cosmic fingerprints everywhere. Indeed, since Derek is one of the pioneers of the seduction community as we know it, it’s HARD to find anything even remotely related to seduction which is NOT influenced by Derek Rake’s work. He’s a true genius, and this website is a testament to that.

One of Derek’s best known seduction technique is fractionation. I was in Derek’s mastermind group, and he demonstrated to me a couple of times how he used the technique to quickly “hack” into a woman’s mind and make her fall in love almost instantaneously. It completely blew my mind, and convinced me that Derek was a complete freak of nature. I hoped he won’t meet my girlfriend, ever…

Derek has given me the permission to share with PUADatabase.com readers a video which outlines the fractionation technique from start to finish. Inside the video, you’ll see…

  • How REAL fractionation works. Forget the other stuff you find elsewhere – this is the real deal, from the Master himself.
  • A set of three killer subliminal seduction techniques that any guy can use to make any girl attracted to him. If you’ve seen women surrendering their phone numbers to guys minutes after the approach – this is how they do it.

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I Am Paranoid, And This Is Why.

Alright, listen up as I am going to be brutally honest here. Building this website and sharing seduction knowledge is fun, but I cannot do it knowing that this BACKFIRES on me. I can’t build up this site so that guys can learn all these techniques and COMPETE AGAINST ME. That would make no sense at all.

I am here in Indianapolis, and I go out to pick women up every weekend. Therefore if you’re also located here in Indianapolis, I’ll ask you NOT TO ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW. I don’t want guys using these techniques to go after the same women that I am after, thank you very much!


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