Approach Anxiety – Five Tips to Overcome Your Fear Of The Approach

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As a mechanism, anxiety can actually help animals survive when faced with danger. After the threat vanishes, the anxiety then disappears with it. In humans, however, things are a bit different, especially with men. Men tend to get anxious even when no real threat is present.

That’s right. If you think about it, a lot of the things that you are scared of aren’t actually real threats, but mere inventions of your mind. The good news is that you can learn all about tackling approach anxiety with the five tips to overcome your fear in this article.

girl 2Approach anxiety is a bane of every lonely man out there and probably the biggest enemy of men in the dating game. In fact, every single man out there has approach anxiety, but only a few are able to conquer it and tame it. While approach anxiety cannot exactly be eliminated because it is a fear, you can learn how to manage it by handling it properly and changing your mindset and attitude a little bit.

Without a doubt, there are tons of silly theories and remedies on how to handle approach anxiety in today’s day and age; such as self-hypnosis, cold approaches, psychotherapy, voodoo and positive thinking. However, there aren’t any quick solutions to this problem, nor are there any proven methods on how to manage it for that matter. The truth is that there is only one particular way to take control of approach anxiety: by changing your mindset and your attitude while facing the fear head-on.

So, forget anything that you might have read, heard or learned about this so far. Here are the only five tips that you should follow to overcome your fear.



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How To Stop Approach Anxiety: The PUADatabase Method

  • Stop creating the illusion of approach anxiety to begin with.

iStock_000005613452XSmallBelieve it or not, gorgeous women have nothing to do with your nervousness. You are actually the only one who can make yourself nervous. Think about it. Women don’t have the power to make you feel stressed, sick, tongue-tied or dizzy. The only reason why these things come about is because you have a negative social frame inside of your head right from the beginning. This means that you actually set yourself up for failure before you even approach a woman.

Most of the time, this will happen if you think too hard about the task at hand and the requirements that you will have to meet in the process. So, in order to succeed, what you have to do is basically loosen yourself up a bit before approaching a woman that you like. Have a drink and relax. Once you are in a mindset that is less negative, you can then start talking to women in a more relaxed and calm way.

  • “Just jump.”

There is one philosophy that most bungee jumping enthusiasts tend to follow: just jump. This particular philosophy can be attributed in the dating world, as well. Once you see a woman that you like and an opportunity to talk to her and win her over, just jump.

If you analyze a lot of bungee jumpers out there, you should see a pattern where some of the people stand by the edge and think about the jump for far too long that they end up backing out altogether. The same goes for the world of dating. Unfortunately, when stressful situations are at hand, your brain could prove to be your worst enemy. So, try not to over-think so much. If you see a woman that you like, just jump. Go for it. What have you got to lose, anyway?

  • Approach gorgeous women left and right.

Confidence can easily help you overcome your approach anxiety. However, you will need to practice if you want to boost your confidence levels and the best way to do this would be by approaching as many gorgeous women as possible. Once you get used to doing this, your levels of anxiety are sure to decrease.

If you are having trouble getting yourself in the zone for this, though, then try to avoid having conversations with women for now and just start by saying a mere hello and then leaving. You don’t even have to have any funny pickup lines up your sleeve in order to work on your confidence. You don’t have to maintain any conversations, either. Just say hello and then walk away. That would be more than enough to train your levels of confidence. In fact, it might even be the best way since you won’t be giving any woman the chance to reject you in any way.

4. Warm up.

If you need it, then warm up first. In other words, don’t approach gorgeous women on the first try just yet. Try to look for women that you can warm up with – those who won’t make you feel too nervous or too anxious at first glance. If you want to overcome your approach anxiety, it would be vital to understand the levels of difficulty and skill involved in the matter, and to gauge how women’s looks make you feel while you’re at it.

If you tend to experience approach anxiety with any woman that you meet, then you will obviously have much more to work on. However, if you only experience it around gorgeous women, then you can change your difficulty levels and ability levels as needed and slowly work your way up to the top until you no longer feel anxious around any sort of woman anymore.

5. Don’t forget to breathe.

Some men experience physical symptoms along with approach anxiety, such as higher pulse rates, a shortness of breath, shaking and nausea. Once you get rid of these symptoms, however, you can easily trick your subconscious mind into thinking that you are confident and comfortable in your skin, even if you aren’t. So, don’t forget to breathe before jumping into the dating game and make sure to follow the steps above to make that anxiety disappear as soon as possible!

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