Boyfriend Destroyer Techniques

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Is it actually possible to make a girl fall in love with you if she has a boyfriend? Believe it or not, you can learn how to steal her away with the easy tips in this article.

How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You (Even If She Has a Boyfriend)

  • Respect Her Current Relationship. The most important thing to do right now would be to respect her current relationship. In other words, don’t work too hard to break up her relationship, most of all if she seems to be happy with her current flame. Unless the relationship has obvious cracks and she seems to be really unhappy, it would be best to keep your distance for now. Besides, women don’t like being forced into anything that will end up with someone getting hurt, after all. Having said that, you shouldn’t force her to leave her current boyfriend to be with you because it will only make her resent you in the end. So, instead, keep your distance for now, be there for her whenever she needs you an just wait for those cracks to appear.Summer love and sunshine
  • Be a Good Friend. To make sure that you can still stay close to her even if she has a boyfriend, be a good friend to her. While your motivation might be a bit selfish when it comes to this since you are trying to cultivate a friendship with hopes of it blossoming into something bigger later on, you need to do this, so that you can stay in the know about her current relationship as a whole. If her relationship ends up failing later on, then this could be a win-win situation for the both of you. Just make sure that you aren’t the reason behind the end of the relationship in the end.┬áLazing on a sunny afternoon
  • Live a Normal Life. Regardless of how much love you have for this girl, you need to live a normal life and pretend like you aren’t trying to win her over(but you attract her still), especially if she seems very happy and content in her relationship. Remember: real life doesn’t work the way that it does in books, movies and television shows. So, regardless of how devoted you might be to her right now, you can’t expect her to feel the same way about you if she is still in love with somebody else. If you keep pining after her, she might just get freaked out and you might just end up looking pathetic and desperate.

As hard as it might be to live a normal life because you really want to be with somebody who already has a significant other, you need to learn how to do so if you want to be happy with your own life, in general.

The truth is this: if the girl cares for you in any way, she will like seeing you live a normal life because she won’t get pressured into anything, either. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely walk away from her, though. Still be a good friend to her. After all, fate may still end up taking your side in the end. You never know. ­čÖé

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