How To Be An Alpha Male (And Seduce Out of Your League)

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Have you ever dreamed of having the charm and the swag of James Bond? The reason why every man out there hopes to be like James Bond is because of one reason: he is the ultimate alpha male. He always gets what he wants when he wants it – and for good reason: he oozes of confidence and leadership.

iStock_000008701262XLargeWhile alpha males aren’t necessarily dominant, buff, aggressive or obnoxious, they do release an air of superiority and subtle dominance that, in turn, makes other people feel like they are lucky to be graced by the presence of these men.

So, how exactly can you become an alpha male and seduce out of your league? How can you turn into a James Bond-esque man with peers who admire you and women who beg for your attention? Believe it or not, this is actually pretty easy to do. You just need to adopt the traits in this article and apply them on a daily basis.

The Ability To Bring About Sexual Tension

One reason why alpha males always succeed with women is because they are experts at bringing about sexual tension through normal interactions. Through their unrelenting charisma and confidence, they can actually make any situation sensual or romantic as needed and win over any woman involved. Alpha males know which female buttons to push and when to push them, as well. They are also completely unapologetic of their sexual presence and ways, thus effectively sweeping women off of their feet with ease. I know, this popular guide will help – How to Talk to Girls.

Uber Alpha Male Confidence

Friends with Benefits.

Friends with Benefits.



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Naturally, confidence is a part of this list. After all, if you want to become an alpha male, you have to exude the utmost confidence and self-assuredness. In other words, you have to believe in yourself and in the fact that you can succeed in any endeavor as long as you put your mind to it. Believe it or not, confidence is just another life trait that gets bigger and better with experience and practice. So, if you want to become more confident with time, you have to fake it until you make it. This means copying the mannerisms, traits and body language of confident alpha males around you until you become one yourself. It’s that simple!


Without a doubt, there is a time and a place for everything to be said. However, most men aren’t willing to speak up; only alpha males are. Alpha males are basically the ones who speak their minds and feelings in a straightforward manner. If you want to become an alpha male yourself, you therefore have to stop beating around the bush like all of the other regular men out there. Be brazen and bold instead.


A lot of men seem to think that courage refers to not feeling any fear, but this isn’t necessarily true. It can also merely mean exercising your power to forget your fears and overcome any current obstacles in your way. It can mean breaking out of a comfort zone and getting to know the unknown. Once you do this, courage is sure to become second nature in no time. Turn girls as your girlfriend.

Being Fit

Although having the perfect physique isn’t necessarily a must for an alpha male, it wouldn’t hurt to at least be a little fit. After all, women always envision themselves being with men who can defend them and take care of them – men who move with efficiency and purpose to get things done. Be that kind of man.


Of course, women aren’t just attracted to tough and serious men, though. In fact, women are more attracted to men who can deliver well-timed jokes and who can capture the attention of an entire room of people at the same time. This is because telling jokes take guts, while capturing the attention of an entire room takes leadership and presence.


You might have noticed this by now: men who don’t really care very much about women are usually the ones who always succeed with them. Why is this the case? Well, in a nutshell, these men exude a carefree vibe that women end up finding attractive. Because of this, you need to stop treating gorgeous women differently and just treat them the way you would any other normal person in the universe. Once women realize that they don’t faze you, the more they will be drawn to you and the faster they will fall for you.


Alpha males always keep women guessing, too. Well, the fact of the matter is that when women have unanswered questions, they end up asking their friends about that subject to get more information about it. This is why you shouldn’t reveal too much about yourself to a woman at once. If you keep women guessing, you can be sure that she will start asking other people about you and making an effort to find out more about you on her own. In other words, you will leave women longing for more and wanting more of you as time goes by.


Believe it or not, alpha males are full of grace and elegance, too. This means that they can navigate through life with both fluidity and precision because they believe in themselves more than anything. In a way, this is what makes alpha males so elusive to begin with. It almost feels like they always have something awesome planned in their heads, so they shouldn’t be underestimated. Since they are completely devoid of nervousness and anxiety, as well they are generally seen as smooth operators.


Of course, alpha males know their worth, too. This is why they never seek validation from women nor do they ever feel the need to prove themselves to the opposite sex in any way. If you want to be an alpha male and seduce out of your league, you need to start making women believe that you are out of their league. Once you do, you will be able to win over any woman of your choice in no time.

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