How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

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[dc]A[/dc] lot of people find themselves in long distance relationships without meaning to. Job relocations, for instance, is one of the biggest reasons why couples have to carry their relationships on even while they are a long way apart from one another.

Believe it or not, though, it is completely possible for this kind of relationship to work in the long run. The couples involved just have to be committed to making things work, set their priorities straight and figure out different ways to keep their love as strong as possible despite the distance. Only then will their relationship be able to stand the test of time.

long distance relationship

How to make a long distance relationship work? Use the Internet!

Experts in the world of relationships actually claim that long distance relationships are very healthy for a couple because separation will help them pursue their ambitions and careers and become more independent as a whole. Plus, separation can make them miss and long for each other more.



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Keeping Your Distance Relationship Intact

If you need help figuring out how to keep your relationship intact for as long as possible, here are a few tips that you might want to read on how to make a long distance relationship work and stay satisfied with your relationship in the process.

Believe on your relationship.

Believe on your relationship… even though all you have to keep in touch is your trusty phone

1. Believe in your relationship.

First and foremost, your relationship won’t work unless you both believe that it will. This is actually a very serious decision that you will need to make as a couple. If even just one of you is hesitant about the thought of staying strong when you are apart, then it might be best not to move on with it at all. After all, you are sure to break up along the line with this kind of mindset anyway. So, make sure you talk about your relationship’s contentment and commitment beforehand, and assess whether you can truly keep your relationship going long distance or not – just like what this Marie Claire article says.

2. Assess your personalities.

Another thing that you will need to assess as a couple would be your personalities. There are people out there who are fine with the thought of only seeing their partners every once in a while and are satisfied with just talking to them on the phone. This holds especially true for workaholics. However, there are also people out there who are incredibly affectionate and cannot bare the thought of being away from their loved ones for long spurts of time. If this is the case with either one of you, then you may have a hard time maintaining a long distance relationship in the long run.

3. Practice honesty.

Honesty is vital, as well. If you aren’t married yet, then you will need to set certain boundaries regarding your exclusivity before you separate. This way, you can avoid unwanted misunderstandings and make sure that you are both on the same page while you are apart.

4. Keep your communication lines wide open.

Ideally, you should set a time of day where you can talk online (see this guide if you need help) or over the phone to talk about the different things going on in your lives. This doesn’t need to be anything major, though. Believe it or not, even just tiny experiences like hanging out with people or going to the mall can hold you together. Besides, the more that you talk, the more that you will feel one another’s company and forget the distance.

Make sure you talk about other relationship matters, too, including how you feel about the distance and how you plan on coping with it. Remember: communication is vital for every relationship’s success, even more so when distance is a major part of the picture.

5. If possible, visit each other.

No matter what your ultimate goals are in life or how long you will be apart from one another, make sure you talk about your plans together. If possible, visit your significant other or ask them to visit you on special occasions. Make sure to set a workable schedule for this, too. When you see her, tool up on your attraction skills and work your magic on her!

6. Always make time for one another.

It would be absolutely vital for you to make one time for one another, regardless of how busy you might be with other things in life. So, make it a point to make time to call each other, chat with each other, and send each other text messages. In today’s digital world, communication really shouldn’t be much of an issue, so make sure you set some time aside for each other, if even just for a video chat that you can actually see each other in. Being able to see one another’s faces despite the distance in itself can be a very reassuring thing in long distance relationships.

7. Resolve any issues right away.

If you ever find yourself facing certain issues, make sure you resolve them right away instead of letting them fester. If you thought fighting was hard, try fighting long distance. When there is distance between you, you won’t be able to visit your partner to apologize or ask for an apology. Plus, your partner might decide not to communicate with you at all after a fight. This wouldn’t be a good way to deal with things, though. What you have to do is completely set your pride; otherwise, things won’t work out between you at all. This goes for petty issues, too. After all, if you don’t act on them right away, they could just turn into something bigger with time.

8. Keep yourselves busy.

If you have work or hobbies that will keep your mind off of the distance, then keep yourselves busy with that. This way, you can do something productive or do what you love and get rid of the loneliness that might strike every now and then. While it may be hard to do this at first because you are sure to miss your partner a lot, it will get easier with time.

The most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to long distance relationships, though, is to establish and build a strong foundation. This way, you can have an easier time coping while you are apart overall.

Good luck!

Danny “Long Schlong” Pullen

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