How I Use Subconscious Persuasion To Win Over Women

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What I am going to share in this short video may make some feel somewhat uncomfortable because it would make me seem to be manipulative towards women.

As you continue to watch this video, you will discover that this is not the case at all. So, please watch the video up until the very end. Deal?

What you’ll discover is a simple tactic that I use when I talk to women to make them (subconsciously) obey what I say. I learned this little technique inside from a random stranger I met online, and boy, was my mind blown!

According to this man: a woman can’t resist what she can’t detect. So, your seduction must be somewhat covert and hidden under wraps, or you risk getting rejected.



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As such, you must use words that are in fact “implanted commands” that will instruct her subconscious to do the things that you ask her to.

There are a couple of examples inside this video which you can use immediately on the woman that you like, today. Also, I’ve also explained why they work so well.

Of course, this technique can be used for good OR evil, and I implore you to utilize it NOT to harm women. OK? 🙂

How I Use Subconscious Persuasion To Win Over Women

OK, I won’t mask my words here: the tactics that I am going to share with you in this video are quite cut-throat and un-politically correct. I am going to let you in on a secret technique I use when I talk to women in order to subconsciously influence them to obey whatever I tell them to do. Before anything, promise me that you will watch this short video till the very end so that you can learn the technique in full.

I learned this technique from Derek Rake, the Mind Control seduction master who created the Shogun Method. Using what Derek calls as “Implanted Commands” to persuade a woman subconsciously to do whatever I ask her to do. These Implanted Commands are inserted inside seemingly harmless conversations in order to work on a woman’s subconscious and influence her to obey you.

As Derek has said inside the Shogun Method, a woman can’t resist what she can’t detect. An Implanted Command is designed to be completely under the radar so that she is unable to consciously process what you’re trying to say, and as a result, she becomes powerless to resist you. It can be that insidious!

OK, now let’s go through one example of Derek Rake’s Implanted Command. Consider this following sentence:

“It’s just so simple to <Implanted Command>, isn’t it?”

Here is an example on how to use this Implanted Command:

“It’s just so simple to agree to everything I say, isn’t it?”

Here is another example…

“It’s just so simple to do everything I tell you to do and be really happy for it, isn’t it?”

Now let’s analyze this Implanted Command in detail and see why it works so well.

In the above examples, the seemingly harmless question in the end (“isn’t it?”) softens the transition from the “hard” Implanted Command into something which is pretty docile. This makes it easy for the woman’s subconscious mind to accept your command.

Also, the first part of the sentence (“It’s just so simple”) is meant to nudge her subconscious mind to validate the Implanted Command if it’s indeed simple. Pretty sinister if you’re to ask me!

What I’ve shared with you is only one of the 44 Implanted Commands inside module 6 of Derek Rake’s Shogun Method. For a presentation on what the Shogun Method is about, go to

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